Annual Report 2015

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OSAH finished FY2015 having received 61,684 cases.  Each judge was responsible for managing an average caseload in excess of 5,000 cases.  Although we have the highest caseload per judge in the nation, OSAH has used its human capital and innovative methods to achieve the lowest cost per case.  OSAH has only 30 employees; however our hardworking judges, our committed staff members, and our reliance on technological advancements and stakeholder partnerships allowed us to finish the year strong.

OSAH’s goal is to continue improving its performance to serve Georgia and its citizens ever more efficiently. We frequently measure our performance and strive to raise the bar with each passing year.  OSAH delivers excellent-quality work quickly and efficiently, treats all hearing participants with courtesy, and is accessible to the citizens of Georgia’s 159 counties.  Consequently, our stakeholder satisfaction remains high.  As we welcome new ideas and value change, we have been working diligently in the past year to lay the groundwork for innovations that will be implemented in the coming year.   In September 2014 we moved our offices and expanded our courtrooms to the South Tower of Peachtree Center.  Our new home sits on the Marta line in the heart of Atlanta, making it easily accessible to OSAH’s visitors and employees.  Additionally, OSAH developed a new, high-tech case management system, which is expected to launch in September 2015. The new system will ultimately allow easier access to case files online, increasing convenience and lowering costs for all users.  OSAH is also developing an updated, easy-to-use website, which will be compatible with smartphone and other handheld devices.

We could not have accomplished so much without the partnership of our stakeholders: the Office of the Governor, the Office of the Lt. Governor, the Office of the Speaker of the House, the members of the General Assembly, the Attorney General’s Office, the membership of the State Bar of Georgia, state agencies, the judiciary, law enforcement, and especially the citizens of Georgia.  We look forward to continuing to improve our services to our stakeholders in FY2016.


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