faisal shaikh

Intercept of Tax Refund Affirmed

Petitioner argued that the portion of his refund in the form of a partial credit attributable to a dependent daughter living with him should be exempt from intercept. The agency’s action was affirmed.

Implied Consent Notice Invalidated

Officer’s statements that decision whether to submit to chemical test “made no difference” and that refusal to take the test “would not make things worse” or “change anything” invalidated implied consent notice.

Updated Civil Penalties Not Retroactive

The agency could not apply its updated civil penalty scheme retroactively; the fine imposed on a personal care home should reflect the rules and regulations in effect at the time the violations occurred.

Excessive Prescription of Opioids

Revocation of physician’s license was recommended, based on unprofessional conduct and failure to maintain appropriate medical records, where physician prescribed excessive amounts of opioids without medical justification.

PSC’s Denial of Application Reversed

Where Petitioner did not have a conviction related to marijuana, but he had admitted he possessed marijuana, his application was denied. The agency’s action was reversed, and a modified sanction was imposed, because the PSC’s rule provides for sanction based on either the commission or the conviction of a criminal offense involving possession of marijuana.

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