Child care center’s violations did not warrant license revocation, as lapses were not intentional

Topic: Early Care & Learning, Decided by: Judge Teate 
Docket Number: 2218761, 2226246, 2305199 , Decision Date: September 26, 2022 
Attachment: Click here to download the decision. 

In this matter, a child care learning center appealed three separate actions against its license, brought by the Department of Early Care and Learning.  The Court ultimately determined the center did violate the requirements for conducting employee background checks; however, it did not do so intentionally, but because it had misapprehended the requirements.  Thus, license revocation was not appropriate in this instance.  However, the Court concluded that the background-check violations—along with multiple other violations pertaining to CPR/first aid training, the mixing of baby formula, the lack of a resilient surface on a playground, and sleep safety—did justify the center being sanctioned.  The center ultimately was ordered to receive an office visit/formal notice letter and pay $4,450.00 in fines.

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