Insufficient evidence of inappropriate conduct by neurologist leads to reversal of sanctions

Topic: Professional Licensing, Decided by: Judge Barnes 
Docket Number: 2312559 , Decision Date: May 5, 2023 
Attachment: Click here to download the decision. 

The Georgia Composite Medical Board sought to impose sanctions against a neurologist accused of inappropriate conduct by two female patients. At the time of the alleged conduct, the neurologist was subject to a Public Consent Order that required him to have a female chaperone while practicing medicine. Although these two patients testified against the neurologist during the hearing, their testimony ran contrary to other evidence.  Also, one patient’s testimony was considered unreliable due to the witness’s memory problems. Because the Court found the evidence insufficient, the sanctions against the neurologist’s license were reversed. Additionally, the Court found that the neurologist had not violated the existing Public Consent Order.

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