Judge reverses the Department of Insurance’s refusal to grant license because of Petitioner’s guilty plea to battery charges.

Topic: Professional Licensing, Decided by: Judge Kennedy 
Docket Number: 1319840 , Decision Date: January 25, 2013 
Attachment: Click here to download the decision. 

Petitioner appealed Respondent’s refusal to grant Petitioner a resident agent producer license. When Petitioner was in high school in 2003, Petitioner pled guilty to misdemeanor battery. The following year, Petitioner pled guilty to misdemeanor family violence battery, misdemeanor battery, and felony obstruction of an officer. At the age of 18, Petitioner contacted a community pastor and asked for assistance in redirecting his life. Petitioner began attending regular counseling and completed an anger management course. Petitioner attended college and become a role model for local young people in the community. Petitioner demonstrated that he bears a good reputation for honesty and trustworthiness and has expressed remorse for the past actions. Accordingly, the Judge REVERSED Respondent’s refusal to grant Petitioner’s license.

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