LPN’s license revoked for diverting meds and failing to undergo examination.

Topic: Professional Licensing, Decided by: Judge Howells 
Docket Number: 1628845 , Decision Date: March 14, 2016 
Attachment: Click here to download the decision. 

A licensed practical nurse (LPN) was ordered by the Georgia Board of Nursing to undergo a mental/physical examination following conduct in 2012 involving diverting narcotics, destroying records, and testing positive for opiates.  The Board sought to revoke the LPN’s license after she failed to comply with the Board’s order, and continued to engage in misconduct involving drugs, including one incident in which she was arrested for forging a co-worker’s signature in order to misappropriate hydrocodone.  The Court upheld the revocation, finding that the LPN exhibited unprofessional and unethical conduct and that her addictive behavior rendered her unable to practice as an LPN.

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