Real estate brokers reprimanded and fined for failure to use correct name and license number.

Topic: Real Estate, Decided by: Judge Teate 
Docket Number: 1333088 , Decision Date: May 29, 2013 
Attachment: Click here to download the decision. 

Respondents are Mr. Voss, a real estate broker, and Lakeshore Estate Marketing and Services (“Lakeshore”), a real estate broker firm.  The Georgia Real Estate Commission sought to sanction both for actions by Voss, acting as an agent for Lakeshore, in (1) using the name “Lakeshore Real Estate Broker” and “Lakeshore Real Estate Brokerage” in signing a purchase agreement for a parcel of real property, as opposed to the name registered with the Commission, and (2) for omitting Lakeshore’s license number on the purchase agreement.  Judge Teate upheld a public written reprimand and imposed a fine of $1000 for each Respondent, $500 per substantive violation.

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