Revocation of real estate license for unfair trade practices.

Topic: Real Estate, Decided by: Judge Oakley 
Docket Number: 1336283 , Decision Date: June 13, 2013 
Attachment: Click here to download the decision. 

Respondent is a licensed real estate broker in the State of Georgia.  Petitioner, Georgia Real Estate Commission, sought to revoke his license for dishonest and unlawful behaviors committed while engaged in the business of selling property.  Judge Oakley determined that Petitioner did not demonstrate the competency and integrity necessary to safeguard the interests of the public.  Falsifying documents, failing to provide the broker with whom his license was affiliated a copy of documents on a property transaction, failing to maintain documents, and representing a real estate broker other than the broker holding his license all contributed to the Judge’s decision to affirm the Real Estate Commission’s decision to revoke his license.

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